William L. Simon

William L. Simon

This is a program for nature lovers, during drive up from Islamabad to Hunza on the way you can view different landscape, people, and lifestyle in Mansera, Besham, Kohistan, Chilas, Gilgit and Hunza. Each area keeps its own identification. The name Fairy Meadows is part of the legend that Fairies have their heaven on this lush green plateau. This legendry name Fairy Meadows is everlasting gift of the western tourist to the local people. Fairy Meadow offers superb views of the Nanga Parbat m the highest mountain in Pakistan in Himalayas. Evening to walk around, overnight in huts. Many famous mountains such as Masherbrum, Saltoro.

A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Archaeology

The fortress was built during the reign of the Pashtun king Sher Shah Suri between and in order to help subdue the rebellious tribes of the Potohar region of northern Punjab that were loyal to the Mughal crown. The fort is one of the largest and most formidable in the subcontinent. Rohtas Fort was never stormed by force, and has survived remarkably intact.

The fort is known for its large defensive walls, and several monumental gateways. It catches the attention of up to 40, visitors per annul and is the second largest salt mine in the world. Khewra Salt Mines are the oldest in the South Asia.

UNESCO Director-General visits Taxila, Pakistan World Heritage Site and Lok objects dating back to Gandhara period. She also spent some time at the Museum Rest Taxila, one of the six World Heritage sites of Pakistan, is inscribed on the World Heritage List.

After India and particularly the huge marathon drive from its south to north at the need of our trip it surprises us how manageable the distances here are, the roads so far! As Peshawar is a busy city, it’s the depths of winter and the security situation is a bit more uncertain.. Finding one turned into a bit of a mission.

The lonely planet offered quite a few cheap hotels but most of them in the chaotic old city so no hope of being able to park there. Peshawar wins the dubious honour of bring the most polluted city in Pakistan and the main roads around the city were choked with traffic. We found the Rose Hotel straight away by luck more than anything but whist there was a really good parking area the entrance into it was too narrow and low to let us in..

Driving on we went past the Peshawar Museum and noticed the tourist information next to it, so we pulled over to see if we could at least get a map of the city.

The world’s oldest centre of learning

Start the gallery Scroll to view the gallery Credit: Thomas Buttery This labyrinth of interconnecting alleyways and streets, fountains, souks and courtyards has remained much the same since the city’s rapid expansion during the Marinid dynasty in the 13th and 14th Centuries. Chris Griffiths Although dilapidated ruins of once-grand riad homes can be found around almost every corner, the Moroccan government has recently been investing more money into restoring the medina, which today is considered one of the best-preserved historical towns in the Arab-Muslim world.

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The main ruins of Taxila are divided into three major cities, each belonging to a distinct time period. The oldest of these is Bhir Mound , which dates from the sixth century B. The second city of Taxila is located at Sirkap and was built by Greco-Bactrian kings in the second century B. The third and last city of Taxila is at Sirsukh and relates to the Kushan kings. In addition to the ruins of the city, a number of buddhist monasteries and stupas also belong to the Taxila area.

Some of the important ruins of this category include the ruins of the stupa at Dharmarajika , the monastery at Jaulian , the monastery at Mohra Muradu in addition to a number of stupas. History of Taxila Taxila is in western Punjab, and was an important city during Alexander’s campaign in ancient India. A coin from 2nd century BCE Taxila.

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Known as the Taxila Cross , it was found in just outside the ruins of Sirkap, the second city of Taxila, and is commonly believed to signify that Christianity had taken root in the subcontinent shortly after the crucifixion of Christ. According to this document, St Thomas having been assigned by Jesus to teach the gospel in India, arrived by boat at the seaside capital of King Gondophares. Working miracles, he successfully converted the king and all his subjects to Christianity.

Now, whenever the Acts was compiled and even in when it surfaced in Syria, Taxila had not yet been discovered.

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Listening to all this I could hardly believe my ears that this was two academics talking, because most of what they said is completely nonsense. Frazier and Appleton laughed awkwardly. The reality is that we know almost nothing about Taxila other than what can be gleaned from brief mentions in ancient texts usually only the name numismatics, and archaeological findings during the 20th century.

Interestingly, the most detailed information we have about the city of Taxila come from Greek and Latin accounts of Alexander the Great’s visit written by Arrian, Curtius Rufus, Diodorus Siculus, etc, none of which mention a university.

However, more systematic studies on dating of early sites associated with iron would be needed for more conclusive insights on the dates for the emergence of Indian iron. from ferrous blades had high carbon contents of % C of the composition of wootz steel from the Bhir mound of Taxila of latter part of the first millennium BCE.

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Gandhara Civilization

Evidence of Stone Age human inhabitants of Gandhara, including stone tools and burnt bones, was discovered at Sanghao near Mardan in area caves. The artifacts are approximately 15, years old. More recent excavations point to 30, years before present. This culture survived till BC. Its evidence has been discovered in the hilly regions of Swat and Dir, and even at Taxila.

It is said that Lord Rama consolidated the rule of the Kosala Kingdom over the whole of the Indian peninsula.

Gandhara is the name of an ancient kingdom (Mahajanapada), located in modern day northern Pakistan and parts of eastern Afghanistan. Gandhara was located mainly in the vale of Peshawar, the Potohar plateau and on the Kabul River.

There is debate over whether the center of learning that emerged in Taxila was a university in the modern sense. There were teachers and associated students but the teachers do not appear to have been directly affiliated with any college. The school mainly consisted of a group of monasteries where students came to be taught by well-known scholars and monks. The curriculum was a mixture of religious and secular education. The school is also where many famous intellectuals studied and taught, including Chanakya who was one of the strategic masterminds behind the building of the Maurya Empire.

He is also known for having written a seminal treatise on economics. Corruption and Corrosion of the Ideal The reason for the eventual decline of the city appears to be due to a mixture of the White Hun invasion and the decline of Buddhism in the region. For centuries, the region had maintained its cultural identity and hegemony in the face of foreign invasion after foreign invasion due a unifying religion, Buddhism.

Gandhara Civilization

On the basis of the dating of the Bisotun q. It also has been suggested that the Persian penetration into the Indus region occurred in stages, starting from the north and moving southward Fussman, , p. This is inferred from the fact that Gandhara OPers.

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The city is known as a testament to Buddhism and it is said that the Buddha spent 40 years of his life preaching in this particular part of Pakistan. The city was also ruled by the Greeks under emperor Alexander the great. Taxila is a blend of wealthy urban and pastoral neighborhoods. Urban residential areas are in the form of small,immaculate and clean colonies. Taxila is also known for its industrial significance, some of the major industries in Taxila include heavy machine factory, cement factory, cottage industry, pottery and footwear industries.

Taxila museum is home to objects that date back to B. C having Buddhist and Hindu origins.

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The stones used in the construction are I to 2 m long, 0. All structures near here arc gridded and their position is fixed by sextant. The slip has how-ever completely disappeared and the core of the fabric has a pitted surface due to wave action.

Taxila Museum This Greek style museum is located on the Grand Trunk road and has many momentous discoveries from the Taxila site. Taxila museum is home to objects that date back to B.C having Buddhist and Hindu origins.

Additional Information In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Consequently, after three years of nearly constant fighting in the mountains of Bactria and Sogdiana and the Kabul valley, the Macedonians found themselves on friendly territory at last, and they eagerly absorbed the attractions of a strange and exhilarating culture. Not least among these were the stern, detached, and naked ascetics whom the Greeks dubbed “gymnosophists. Our sources are careful to mention this because it was a tactical blunder Arr.

Onesicritus, Naked Wise Men71 another, the gymnosophists left an indelible impression on the memories of the Westerners who rested at Taxila those three months, and in particular those of the Greek philosophers on Alexander’s staff; their interest is attested by a considerable body of tales and anecdotes preserved for us in a variety of sources from later antiquity. As we shall see, most of this literature is ultimately Cynic in origin; and the purpose of this paper is to examine the tales of the gymnosophists with a view to recovering and reconstructing the early Cynic view of the gymnosophists , which in turn will lead us to the early Cynic portrait of Alexander.

Descendants of Lord Rama in the War of Mahabharata

Its other close neighboring cities include Hassanabdal, khanpur and Wah. Wah Cantt and Taxila are twin cities. Taxila is among the seven tehsils of Rawalpindi district. It is a city spread in the periphery of the Potohar plateau of Punjab. Taxila was historically known as Takshashila and is a city that dates back to 5 century BCE. The recorded history of Taxila starts from 6th century BC , when this Gandharan kingdom became part of the Achaemenid Empire of Persia.

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Stone age[ edit ] Evidence of the Stone Age human inhabitants of Gandhara, including stone tools and burnt bones, was discovered at Sanghao near Mardan in area caves. The artifacts are approximately 15, years old. More recent excavations point to 30, years before the present. Gandhara Kingdom , Indo-Aryan migration , and Vedic civilization Gandhara was an ancient kingdom of the Peshawar Valley, extending between the Swat valley and Potohar plateau regions of Pakistan as well as the Jalalabad district of northeastern Afghanistan.

In an archaeological context, the Vedic period in Gandhara corresponds to the Gandhara grave culture. Gandharas are included in the Uttarapatha division of Puranic and Buddhistic traditions. Gandhara was one of sixteen mahajanapadas of ancient India. The latter remained the capital of Gandhara down to the 2nd century AD, when the capital was moved to Peshawar. An important Buddhist shrine helped to make the city a centre of pilgrimage until the 7th century. Pushkalavati, in the Peshawar Valley, is situated at the confluence of the Swat and Kabul rivers, where three different branches of the River Kabul meet.

Similar geographical characteristics are found at site of Prang in Kashmir and at the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna , where the sacred city of Prayag is situated, west of Benares.

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