Top 20 players of 2015: Introduction

Top 20 players of 2015: Introduction

Additionally, since the 1X was built before the discovery of the Helm Memory Core, it lacks any advanced Star League technology and is built with a standard VOX engine. The ‘Mech also lacks the jump jets of the 3D model. An extra ton of autocannon ammo is carried, while two heat sinks have been replaced for two additional tons of armor. Other differences include the use of four Medium Pulse Laser and double heat sinks in place of the standard models. Tonnage is freed up for its three tons of ammunition by swapping out the two forward-facing pulse lasers for ER Medium Lasers. The reduced heat load gives the 3LL the luxury of not building heat before it is damaged. In a strange twist of fate, the copious ammunition bins for the autocannons became popular with the creation of special munitions, making this design much more well-liked than it had been in the past. The inclusion of a Small Cockpit allows for the armor to be increased to eleven and a half tons worth. Mounting Ferro-Fibrous armor allows a ton less to be carried to be devoted to CASE in each torso, while switching all its heat sinks to doubles improves its heat dissipation. Also, it has 4 one-shot Ten-Tube Rocket Launchers mounted into both torsos.

新版9.20.1中分房系统的改善 大量改动来袭

Reply on December 14, Cheats players and constant Hacks plus Fake names are everywhere making your team worthless due to the amount of fake names Cheaters that abound this game. Please tell me how the game is before I play it. Nothing against those Russians, but in this game they have a ridiculously unfair advantage of being able to buy equipments for half the price that Europeans or Americans have to pay.

This is probably to push non-Russians into buying more and more using the currency of their country which is more valuable to Tanki than RussianRoubles to catch-up with the Russian majority.

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October 30 17 hours ago, LittleWhiteMouse said: Yes, the Matchmaking tries to make teams with the following composition keep in mind, World of Tanks has 15 vs 15 matchups instead of 12 vs 12 like in World of Warships Three vehicles are top tier. Five vehicles are middle tier. Seven vehicles are bottom tier. If it cannot do this, then it makes the following: Five vehicles are top tier Ten vehicles are one tier lower.

The premise looks decent until you see it out in the real world. In World of Warships case, tier VIII would constantly be dragged up to meet the large number of tier X players currently in the population — worse than what we see in World of Warships currently. World of Tanks has the further complication of still having a large number of premium vehicles out there with protected Matchmaking they only see one tier higher normally.

These vehicles almost never end up top tier anymore due to the new matchmaking system which always provides favourable matchmaking to the higher tiers first. And when being bottom tier there is the issue of being competitive with tier with regards to just about everything.

Patch 8.19 notes

The T E5 does not excel at any specific area when it comes to firepower, mobility, or armor but what it does have is no huge glaring flaws. While this generalist role has upsides it also has the downside of being caught in situations where being a specialist comes in handy. However, even though you might lose a 1 v 1 fight against a specialist tank in certain situations the beauty of the T E5 is that you always have options available to better your chances to win.

Also, as far as matchmaking, I read (maybe on the wiki) that aircraft matchmaking is an average of combined BR of your active aircraft (mathematically leaning toward the highest BR aircraft) with tank matchmaking based just on your highest BR wanted to know if this is correct.

So to ease out your pick, here are some of the best tier 10 tanks currently in the game. At the end you can also cast your vote: If it is, congrats, you just showed your godhood lineage. If not, you run like a little bitch and wait. Having the highest burst damage as well as overall dpm in the game, you do not want to brawl it out head on.

Sure, the armor is average at most so you should be able to penetrate easily, but would you really trade 1 shot for a full magazine? But keep in mind, your only friend is a full clip waiting to spread chaos. Your titanium turret and pike shaped frontal armor bounce even God-infused shells as long as God sends them from an absolutely straight angle.

Top VIdeos

Matchmaking Matchmaking The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. It works in following manner. It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier.

Oct 23,  · News and Information: Everything you need to know about what’s happening in WoT.

Community hub Visit “live. Did you know that You are able to zoom into the minimap by moving your mouse cursor over the map and scrolling in? You need to assign the following settings to be able to do this: With rounds per minute, the American 20 mm M Vulcan gatling gun on the M Vulcan Air Defense System is the fastest firing weapon in the game? Pressing with the cursor on the map seen while pressing “M” will signal the team to pay attention to the specific sector? Different steel types exist for armour?

Heavy Tanks

S imp ly put, we taught the matchmaker to see the difference between the Maus and JS -7, for example. Now, it balances them separately. How does it work?

The ap pen on the 6 pdr is enough to pen almost everything you meet without needing apcr. The British tank line is my least favorite. The light tank line doesn’t

At tier 5 it is one of the first true heavies encountered by most new players heavily armored, slow, good gun and many do not know how to damage one correctly. The index at the bottom of each picture describes a few abbreviations used and also the format in which the armor details are described in. Effective Armor EA refers to the overall effectiveness of the armor without normalization.

The armor values are presented in three different scenarios for the angled view of the tank. The first one is the avoid shooting any heavily angled areas as you will bounce off a lot. Even the UFG 2 can bounce a lot of shells since it is near the 70 degree auto-bounce angle although it is somewhat negated since it is low to the ground. Avoid shooting the beak at all costs as it will bounce shot after shot.

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Full implementation of our modified ELO matchmaking solution. Instead they are using regular heat sink value of 0. This is the bug, it has been fixed in the upcoming November 6th patch.

In May we have shared our plans for preferential matchmaking and later detailed an update in July, detailing our plans on how we aim to improve the vehicles themselves and the current issues we have with the matchmaker ://

First is for Asad is for to win medal is good for be play like stong player. Is camp wrong spot for start game like stupids but for to play better for last part game. Is top tier tank but for not go to corner so lets for whole team of stupids die is for be left by self. So is question why for enemy team so be full stupids? Is 4 stupids tank sits corner for to let Asad for shoots 1 2 3 4?

Is no turn round? Asad is shoot Jag for no turn. Asad is for shoots Wafen is fo rno turns. Is kill 1 no for anybody turns.

A History: ’s Word of the Year

I should love this. It sounded so silly, so camp, how could I not be slapping my thighs while smiling knowingly at the monitor? On one hand it offers a range customisations for you to trim the fat from the character, or add to it if you want a tougher head to deflect the bullets.

wot Statistics and Analysis of World of Tanks Dossier Cache, Battle Results and Replays • wot tank stats tracker with instant update and WN8 progress.

As per usual, “Parts” and “FPE” should be the focus first for modifications to increase combat survivability. Everything else is fair game after you get those two. History of creation and combat usage Development Development for the tank started back in , just around the time the Crusader cruiser tank was being put into service in the British Army.

The development of a stronger cruiser tank was initiated due to the belief that that the Crusader would become obsolete in the face of more advanced German tanks as the time pass. The initial plans was for the tank to mount the OQF 6-pounder gun and was to be completed in The project was taken up by three companies who submitted their designs. Vauxhall developed the A23, a scaled down Churchill tank with 75 mm of armour and a cylinder Bedford engine.

The new IMOCA class rules have been approved

Champ tiers Leaver’s queue LQ Upon the introduction of Leagues the old-fashioned sealclubbing using underleveled Magnum Gepards to kill new players, i. So people who want to get unfair advantages at the expense of others came up with a new idea. To start and leave the game at instant, thus ensuring for the most part your team loses and getting to a lower league. This was exploited very fast, and starting early , Pixonic introduced “Leaver’s Queue”, almost instantly dubbed “Tanker’s League”.

World of Tanks Update is almost here and with it, Tier VIII Premium tanks with Preferential Matchmaking will get some nice buffs! Here’s what you can expect and Wargaming plan for the ://

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WoT (PS4)Matchmaking 110 (Part 1)

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