Pretty Little Liars’ Student-Teacher Love Story

Pretty Little Liars’ Student-Teacher Love Story

What happens to Aria in Pretty Little Liars? I will post all of her secrets so far, because it explains a lot ofthings that happens to her. She knew her father was having an affair with Meredith. What her and the girls did to Jenna. She had an affair with her English Teacher. Pretended to be “Anita. Kissed Jason while dating Ezra. Pretended to be a candy striper to steal Alison’s autopsyreport. Was dating Ezra against her parents wishes. Was present the night Alison’s body was stolen.

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They were in the back of a van on thier way to Jail They were driving to the cemetary in Emily’s car all together They were at Spencers house when an intruder came in and knocked them all out unconscious They were at school after school hours They were at a wedding and went outside to get fresh air when A came around the corner 11 What are some of the names of the people who work on the police force?

The two major things. Her real birth mother wasn’t the mom she grew up with and she couldn’t have kids She couldn’t have kids and she killed someone while heavily drunk Her real birth mother wasn’t the mom she grew up with and she had a twin sister she never knew She had a twin brother named Felix and she was really from England with a different birth mother 13 18 Name some of the things that happened to each girl throughout the show

When Pretty Little Liars airs its final episode this spring, star Ian Harding will say goodbye forever to Ezra Fitz — and hello to the return of his body hair.

Overview[ edit ] Picking up the night Ian Thomas’s body disappears, Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily are painted as liars by the news and police. The girls’ parents request they see a therapist, Dr. They initially refuse, and after a tense therapy session, their parents ask that the girls end their friendships with one another. This creates much tension, as the girls are forced to meet in secret.

Spencer reveals that Ian may still be alive, suspecting Melissa to be hiding him somewhere. With the help of Melissa’s ex-fiance Wren, the girls follow them out to an old silo, where Ian’s body is discovered, along with a suicide note. Emily later realizes that the note is composed of various messages from “-A” and that “-A” planted the note to make them think Ian had murdered Alison.

Armed with this revelation, the girls begin investigating other potential suspects, such as Alison’s older brother Jason, who has moved back to town, as well as Jenna Marshall. They later cut ties with Garrett Reynolds after learning of his romantic relationship with Jenna, who Ali had accidentally blinded in a prank gone wrong. The girls confess to Dr. Sullivan that they are being tortured by “-A”, allowing Dr.

Sullivan to piece together the blackmailer’s identity. Sullivan can inform the girls of who “-A” is, she disappears.

Pretty Little Liars Episode 2.14 – The Liars are Back With ‘A’ Vengeance

Paint 12Where did Hanna and Caleb meet? Throughout the course of the series, Caleb is one of the characters that changed the most. In the beginning, he seemed pretty sketchy and we have to admit the fact that he was an expert hacker who was so ready to help the lairs was nice but it seemed little too good to be true.

Aria knew she had to come clean to Ezra after he gave her a completed manuscript at the end of last week’s episode. After all, Aria submitted six chapters to her editor pretending to be Ezra, so.

Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?

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There he admits that his plans had been cancelled and coincidentally also Aria’s had been cancelled. They decide to bond over air hockey and pizza, and get along well. When Aria’s father comes to pick them up, a man accidentally knocks Holden into an air hockey table. Aria gets a glimpse of a nasty looking bruise on Holden’s stomach. When she asks him about it, he says it’s due to football. Aria mentions her brother Mike also plays football, but she has never seen a bruise like that on him.

Aria had suggested that they call the police, but Ezra had said no. Aria tells the girls that she doesn’t know what he did after that, but that he had seemed extremely angry at Charlotte.

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They turn to Jenna, finding out what Alison spoke to her about in the hospital; how she threatened Jenna with the video if she didn’t keep their secret. Hanna is confused when she is told by her mother that Caleb was going to the festival to give her a letter before he left town. Mona tries covering it up but when she is having a mysterious phone call about Hanna’s well-being, Lucas tells her she’s wrong and Hanna deserves to be happy.

The dating lives of the Pretty Little Liars stars are always a topic of conversation among fans, so we weren’t surprised to see this question among the most-asked on Wetpaint Entertainment: Have.

Take my quiz to find out. If you love houses as much as I do, then I bet you can’t click just one! The show is about four high school girls—Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily—who are dealing with the mysterious disappearance of their friend Alison. They live in the posh town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, in four beautiful houses. The photo above and below were taken from the pilot when the Montgomery family was moving into the house. Check out that old stove behind her:

Did Lucy Hale and Ian Harding Ever Date? You Asked, We Answer!

We’re about to address the most shocking revelations from Pretty Little Liars’ series finale! If you do not want to know the identity of A. Not only did we finally discover who A. Plus, who’s the father of Emily and Alison’s baby? What did Jenna Marshall have to do with all of this?

In fact, I spent many seasons berating Byron Montgomery for trying to control Aria’s sexual decisions because, in my mind, Aria was in control of Aria’s sexual decisions. Byron didn’t get to decide what happened to her vagina, and neither did Ezra.

Isabella Biedenharn June 24, at But when he got there, Mrs. D was there, planting flowers on the front porch. Definitely where Charlie was living. But was he living there before or after he allegedly killed himself? Why are there so many dirt roads in Rosewood? Emily is with her psychotic new girlfriend. As she reaches for a jar of chemicals, she sees a tube of pink hair paint, with a post-it note on it.

Oh no oh no oh no. Time for Aria to have a flashback, which in the summer of answers! When she refused, she woke up the next morning to find her hair cut short, with the ends of her hair scattered all over her pillow.

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I wrote this as if they actually were dating. I really want them to be: Sorry this blab can’t be very long which I’m sure you are happy about but

Ezra saw Spencer with Wren and did not do or say a thing about it, besides, he went back to Rosewood to “stay with Aria” But not really, he saw Spencer asking for Wren’s help, so he knows, Wren had access to Radley files.

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He finds out that Aria’s father had set up this job offer for him in hoping that Ezra would be out of Aria’s life. ‘ A’ ending: ‘A’ breaks into Peter Hastings’ office and takes a gun out of his desk drawer.

Hera Syndulla Sabine and Hera shared a mother-daughter bond. Sabine always told Hera about any of her problems or troubles. However, Sabine can get annoyed from time to time when Hera keeps her in the dark. After Sabine was injured by Darth Vader, Hera was worried about her and asked if she was alright. Kanan Jarrus Main article: Kanan Jarrus Sabine looked up to Kanan due to his leadership skills and abilities, and possibly shared a father-daughter bond with him.

It has been shown that Sabine gets annoyed by Kanan, calling him frustrating. But, when Kanan was captured by the Empire, Sabine showed that she was willing to go to the extreme to save him.

Girls Keegan Allen Dated (Pretty Little Liars)

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