Berlin Hotels The good old days Since much has been said about the poor quality of DDR beer, mostly by those who never drank a drop of it themselves. Much is made of the lack of adherence to the Reinheitsgebot and the lack of investment. In any case, how well-established is the Reinheitsgebot in the former Prussian territories. As far as I am aware, it only came into force in the whole of Germany after , previously having been a purely Bavarian law. Given that it was ignored during the two world wars, this means it was only in force in E. Berlin – and –


Beer, alcoholic beverage produced by extracting raw materials with water , boiling usually with hops , and fermenting. In some countries, beer is defined by law—as in Germany , where the standard ingredients, besides water, are malt kiln-dried germinated barley , hops , and yeast. Top 20 beer-consuming countries.

Libbey Glass Company has made many types of glass since , including the cut glass and tablewares that are collected today. In the s, when automated glass-making machines became popular, Libbey adapted its pattern lines and included stemware in informal designs.

United Kingdom law requires certain steps be taken to ensure that a pint of beer is indeed a pint. Though this can be achieved using “metered dispense” calibrated pumps , the more common solution is to use certified one-pint glasses. The number etched upon the glasses stands for the manufacturing company or site. Most pint glasses used in the United Kingdom today have actually been produced in France. Glasses that have been certified by authorised firms anywhere within the EU have the letters CE etched on with the certifying agency’s identification number.

Half-pint, one-third pint and two-thirds pint schooners glasses are also available, and are subject to the same laws. The British Beer and Pub Association has issued guidelines for bar staff to give a ‘top up’ to any drinker who is unsatisfied with the measure they receive. These have a line near the top usually labelled “pint to line” to which the beer should be poured, with the head forming above it.

manufacturers’ labels & marks (T to Z)

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Dwarf ale glasses are so called because of the short (or dwarfed) stem which they exhibit. Many collections of dwarf ales exist and there is a huge variety of such 18th century Georgian glasses .

The name is derived from the German Affe ape, monkey. For paired items, each will be engraved with one image, for single order items, the right hand image will be engraved. Afghan Hound The Afghan comes from Afghanistan and is a dog of considerable size, it is believed share a common ancestor with the Pharaoh hound, hence being known as the “Hound of the Pharoahs and Cavemen.

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Antique Schlitz Beer Bottles

Share shares And to stop the beer leaking out, the firm’s glasses use magnets to seal the hole once it is removed from the bar. To fill the glass, the bar staff simply place the glass on the dispenser, which breaks the magnetic seal, opens the hole and fills the glass with beer from the bottom. According to the system’s makers, Bottoms Up, the secret to an upside down beer is a hole in the specially designed container pictured being placed on the dispenser As the beer fills the glass pictured on the dispenser , staff can serve other customers.

Bar staff simply place the glass on the dispenser, which breaks the magnetic seal, filling the glass with beer from the bottom. When the cup is lifted from the dispenser, the magnet seals the container again.

This is a list of the breweries currently operating in the six states of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland which formerly comprised the DDR.

The back of these cards has a list of the ingredients. I have replaced the text with Photoshop because it was so faded that it didn’t scan well. The statement “material put up by the gallon or barrel” indicates that distribution of a liquid concentrate syrup had replaced the packets of dry ingredients. Use of the word “temperance” dates this trading card no earlier than and no later than During this campaign, women church members went into saloons, sang hymns, prayed, and asked the saloonkeepers to stop selling liquor.

The Temperance Crusade swept over 23 states, and resulted in the closing of thousands of places that sold liquor throughout the nation.

How To Order A Beer In Every Australian State

As Berge noted in referring to bottles, the ” This bottle dating “key” is a relatively simple “first cut” on the dating of a bottle. Please be aware that in order to gain the maximum information about any particular bottle e.

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Also, would anyone be interested in starting up a ‘glass spotters’ club? And why can’t we sell bananas in lbs but we can sell beer in pints? Paul Trussler, London, UK The crown and number are official stamps and all licensed premises must use glasses bearing this stampm in order to adhere to weights and measures legislation. Jenna Beatrup, Halesowen, UK Glasses with those marks have been checked to ensure they are of the specified capacity pint, half pint, ml, etc.

This is to avoid short measures and to comply with the law. The number varies depending on which agency has done the checking. You will also find glasses without those markings in a pub, but in that case, the alcohol must first be measured separately using a spirit or wine measure typically metal and then poured into the glass. Beer may still be sold in pints because a specific exemption was made when the weights and measures legislation was changed to enfore metric quantities.

G Muir, Glasgow, Scotland Because contary to popular opinion in this country – pounds and ounces are completely illogical and make no sense what so ever. However things that are sold in particular measures eg a pint cause controversy when they are changed.

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Your favorite beverage is actually healthy for you. This doesn’t mean you have an excuse to start chugging a case of beer. Vitamin B, riboflavin, niacin, and zinc.

The Reinheitsgebot (“purity decree”), sometimes called the “German Beer Purity Law” or the “Bavarian Purity Law” in English, was a regulation concerning the production of beer in Germany.. In the original text, the only ingredients that could be used in the production of beer were water, barley, and hops, which had to be added only while the wort was boiling.

Is it true that when you drink beer and wine you’ll feel fine. But when you drink wine and beer you’ll feel queer. If the answer is yes, why? From my experiences, and those of my friends, I can attest to the accuracy of the rhyme but cannot explain it. John Charnock, Warrington UK There is no proof that mixing wine or beer has any effect on sexual preference, no matter in which order they are drunk. Sexual performance on the other hand If you change your tipple mid-way through the evening, because your palate will be desensitised to by?

A pint or two of wine will cause a bigger hangover than a wineglass or two of beer!


Upper side wall Case and six-pack can carrier: Side wall Some of our stouts are more robust and can withstand storage periods of about a year, provided that they are kept in a cool space. Refrigeration isn’t completely necessary for any of our ales, but being kept in areas that are cool and dark is strongly encouraged.

My Personal Memories His and Her Beer Pint, Stemless Wine, Whiskey Rocks Glasses – Bride and Groom Barware Wedding, Couples or Anniversary Gift (Pint Glass 16oz, His Script).

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Munich breweries Munich Beer The most popular beer style in Munich is Helles , a very pale, malty lager, that you could liken to a light mild though of a greater strength. Pils is around, but does not dominate as it does in most of Germany. The traditional Munich beer style, Dunkles , is losing ground, but remains widely available.

Some Munich breweries brew a confusingly large number of pale lagers of slightly varying strengths. You’ll find about a dozen different beers in the product range of the large Munich breweries.

This Bottle Dating page (and website in general) is designed to address what the website author refers to as “utilitarian” bottles & jars (click for more information). Utilitarian items makes up the bulk of the bottles produced during the 19th century and first half of the 20th century.

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